7 Strategies that help to engage and retain your employees

7 strategies

Key Takeaways High employee turnover rates, accompanied by lost productivity and recruitment costs, can have a crippling impact on the prospects of any company. Consequently, when an employee leaves, the impact is resounding and goes beyond just the loss of talent.  World around, 85% of HR leaders have made employee retention attempts their top priority […]

A recruiter’s guide to talent analytics in 2023

Recruiters guide to talent analytics

Key Highlights Talent analytics is among the top five priorities in every region in the world today. But only 4% of the organizations believe they have talent analytics capabilities, only 14% have some form of talent analytics in place, and 60% are considering building the capabilities.  Talent analytics is an emerging yet exciting field in […]

Understanding Micro-Learning and why enterprises need it

micro learning

Key Highlights Good things come in small packages, and so does micro-learning. Micro-learning renders employees with small doses or tiny bursts of information that they can utilize and comprehend easily and in a timely fashion.  Micro-learning is an alternative method to impart training to employees against conventional, content-heavy e-learning classes and lectures that demand huge […]

Understanding recruiter training and why you really need it? 

plan planning strategy bysiness ideas concept

Key Highlights Recruiters are called the gatekeepers of talent. A lack of skill, talent, or training in them can bring huge inefficiencies in the form of increased costs, loss of good talent, increased time in hiring, etc., for any corporate.  Recruiting training can prove crucial for recruiters who have to constantly upgrade themselves to stay […]

Employee Benefits Plan: Meaning, Advantages, & Strategies 

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Key Highlights  Compensation is not the sole driving factor to engage candidates and retain employees who expect more comprehensive rewards from their employment.   An SHRM study found that 92% of employees consider employee benefits significant for their job satisfaction. Similarly, 63% of candidates look for the benefits a company offers while searching for a job.   […]

Mastering Candidate Screening With These 7 Tools In 2023

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Key highlights  You posted a job on LinkedIn and received more than 200 applications in a day. You are pleased with yourself and know that you will find your ideal candidate among these profiles. But sorting through the pile seems intimidating.  In the larger scheme of things, this task of finding compatible profiles can wear […]

11  Strategies to Implement to increase employee  productivity and raise morale

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Key Takeaways Employees are a key component of the business equation, driving growth and customer satisfaction based on business strategies and priorities. Since they are the ones directly connected with customers, they are better equipped to boost your business sales and earn profit. Hence, it is essential to have better programs and initiatives to keep […]

Top 10 Employee engagement strategies every HR manager should know

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Key Takeaways  Disengaged employees are a liability to any organization and cost companies billions of dollars due to lost productivity. The cost of replacing such an employee may go up to 50% of the employee’s salary.  A Gallup study reports that disengaged employees have 37% higher absenteeism, 18% lower productivity, and 15% lower profitability.  The […]

Sales Dream Team 2023: Top Tactics for Building Your Star-Studded Lineup

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Key Highlights Introduction Selling is an art. If a salesperson can convince you to buy the moon or even the dirt on the floor, it is a sign of a successful sale. It takes grit, determination, and a lot of conviction to be a good salesperson. While they claim to be a dime a dozen, […]

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