What is Cost Per Hire? A Detailed Guide

Every organization has a budget for spending. It is the amount each department has been allocated that they can use. Now, organizations are known to walk the tightrope to ensure that they remain profitable by balancing their investments. Some departments receive 100% budget approvals while a few others are on the receiving end of budget […]

Finding talented candidates on Stack Overflow and GitHub

Most of us need to belong to a community. There is a community for every enthusiast and tech experts and professionals aren’t missing out on it. Developers are possibly the most sought-after professionals. Organizations spend a substantial amount not only recruiting technical experts but also investing a lot in retaining and upskilling them. Also, with […]

7 Ways to Improve Employee Productivity [2023]

One of the familiar and extremely satisfying feelings for most people is when they get work done. They feel productive. When it comes to businesses, “getting work done in a specific time” is generally defined as productivity. It is also a fact that workforce productivity is necessary since it is related to the sustenance, development, […]

10 Ways to Expedite Your Recruitment

The process of hiring the right candidate for a job can be a long one. In 2015, Glassdoor Economic Research conducted a study that showed that the average interview process takes 22.9 days in the United States.   In a follow-up research that was conducted in 2017, they found out that the average time for the […]

5 Key Strategies to improve the recruitment process

Every organization is like a community – people with various skills, abilities, motivators, and aspirations – all coexisting and working towards a common goal. Each individual has a role to play, which is clearly defined by the organization. If the skills and efforts of all the employees converge to meet the goal, the organization flourishes. […]

6 Top Challenges of Talent Acquisition

The success of any organization depends on two crucial things: its product/service and its people. Be it a start-up or an established one, companies need hard-working as well as smart working personnel. A pool of talented and qualified employees can help an organization immensely in moving forward with its objectives as well as its financial […]

Top 10 HR trends likely to dominate in 2023

Enormous forces are drastically changing the nature of labor resulting in the redistribution of opportunity, wealth, power, and competition by global economic changes. Every industry is impacted by disruptive inventions, unconventional thinking, new business models, and resource scarcity. Businesses worldwide are starting to realize that to attract and keep employees, clients, and partners in the […]

Five Strategies To Strengthen Your Game To Recruit Data Scientists!

In this high-tech and modernized world, an essential asset is data. It is a simple four-letter word, but the power it holds is enormous. At a time when smartphones and technology are essential to every human being, 1.7 megabytes of data is generated every second! At this rate, IDC researchers estimate that the global data […]

10 High Impact Recruiting Tools

The candidate is the indisputable King in today’s labor market. With the skilled and qualified talent leaving during the Great Resignation, companies are struggling to source good candidates for their key roles. To add further to the recruitment woes, there has been a drastic shift in focus and priorities for talent, with flexibility & purpose […]

What is High-Volume Recruiting? 6 Key Challenges & Top Strategies to handle it

The post-pandemic recruitment challenges of acute shortage of skilled talent, fierce competition, and increasingly passive talent, have made hiring an uphill task, even for conventional roles. 92% of Business Leaders say their organizations will not meet goals without the right talent, per the iCIMS workforce report for 2022. In that backdrop, growing multi-fold in a […]