Top 10 HR trends likely to dominate in 2023

Enormous forces are drastically changing the nature of labor resulting in the redistribution of opportunity, wealth, power, and competition by global economic changes. Every industry is impacted by disruptive inventions, unconventional thinking, new business models, and resource scarcity. Businesses worldwide are starting to realize that to attract and keep employees, clients, and partners in the […]

Five Strategies To Strengthen Your Game To Recruit Data Scientists!

In this high-tech and modernized world, an essential asset is data. It is a simple four-letter word, but the power it holds is enormous. At a time when smartphones and technology are essential to every human being, 1.7 megabytes of data is generated every second! At this rate, IDC researchers estimate that the global data […]

What Is Pre-Employment Screening?

Hiring a new employee is a big investment for any company.  They are hired with the hope that they’ll be with the organization for a long time and continuously deliver great work that positively impacts the business. An organization that makes good hiring decisions tends to have higher productivity levels and lower turnover, which will […]

Recruitment in E-commerce – A Comprehensive Guide

One of the most dynamic and fast evolving industries, with global suppliers and consumers, the e-commerce landscape is becoming highly crowded and competitive. With Digital transformation being a key differentiator and a top priority for companies, talent with highly specialized and par-excellence technical skills have become a hot commodity in the talent market.  While the […]

What Is Mass Hiring, And Effective Strategies For Dealing With Mass Hiring

Mass recruiting can be difficult and stressful for recruiters since the process involves hiring a large number of the best candidates in a brief amount of time. Many businesses accelerate their hiring processes to meet the demands of a growing business. Mass hiring is usually done by firms that are rapidly scaling their operations and […]

Talent Mapping and Its role in the process of recruitment

Talent and human resources are among the most valuable investments a company can make. Most hiring managers agree that hiring potential candidates before losing them to their competitors is essential. The company with the best talent is the company that shapes the best products, and it is the companies with the best products that ultimately […]

Comprehensive Guide On How A New Hire Checklist Helps To Elevate Onboarding

Planning the onboarding process ensures smooth sailing for the company. A recent study revealed that onboarding programs might boost employee retention by 25% and enhance their performance by 11%. The onboarding process comprises significantly more than simply ensuring that the recruit’s IT is set up and their HR documentation is done. If not done correctly, […]

Employee Handbook: A Company’s Guide For Solutions

Every company has its own set of rules and policies to abide by for the continuous success of the company. It is this set of rules that in turn defines its underlying work culture and employee expectations. However, it goes without saying that verbally conveying these policies during the employee onboarding process may not always […]

How Can a Skill Evaluation Test Help in Assessing the Skills of the Candidate?

An applicant’s resume is the first introduction to their skills, experience, and abilities when considering potential candidates for an open position. Certain qualities, however, cannot find a fair place in resumes. Resumes, at best, are an accumulation of academic merits and professional accomplishments, meaning they are quite limited when it comes to truly getting to […]

An Overview of Employee Recognition Programs

The key to thriving in today’s cutthroat work landscape is to have expert employees in your team. Highly skilled and trained staff means getting an edge over your competitors. However, it is also imperative to ensure a happy and motivated staff. As per Gallup’s research, a lack of recognition is one of the most common […]