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Client : Large European bank (captive centers in India)

Total recruiters: 75+ | Total candidate volume per year: 15000


The bank hires around 3000 associates in the Tech/Ops areas on an annual basis and receives around 300 applications per job. The recruitment team was finding it extremely challenging to be in constant touch with the applicants, provide information or take feedback. They wanted to implement a platform which can engage with all shortlisted candidates (approx 15000) and provide the necessary information and updates. Also the bank wanted to capture feedback and NPS on a structured format and build insights around 'Talent Brand Perception' and offer drop analysis.


Hyreo implemented it's enterprise candidate engagement solution (Apply to Onboard) integrated to the Oracle recruitment platform. NLP engine training, nudge formats and content was finalised and rolled out to a subset of high volume hiring jobs (phase 1). Around 55% of candidates took to the chatbot for query resolution, scheduling of interviews, re-scheduling of interviews, submitting documents and providing feedback at some stage of the application process. HR leaders within the organisation was able to review feedback and other analytics derived from the chatbot conversations for analysing predictability, sentiments and challenges.

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