Behind every successful brand there is a story that describes the journey of that brand. It is the heart of the brand that attracts new generations to work with the brand of their dreams. The success story of a brand determines its market goodwill, credibility, and authenticity. Brand story is a part of innovative recruitment process. 

What is brand story and why every brand needs it the first place?

The more powerful brand story the greater effective strategy to attract and retain talent. Now you might wonder what we mean by a brand story. It is the method of selling your brand with an acceptable storyline to those whom you want it to be hinted towards. There are multiple strategies to promote a brand and brand story is certainly a prominent one of those. 

If we compare it with a film, then we can define a brand story as a quick recap of the brand journey from scratches till the date. Just like a film story lures audience to the theatre, brand story is nothing but employer branding to attract talent. A strong brand story supplements the recall value of a brand and it encourages people to absorb it as well. 

Is brand story a part of brand marketing?

This answer is a big yes. Brand story is a talent marketing strategy which is a marketing tool of a company to establish a deep connection with potential candidates. Sharing brand stories on professional social media platforms like Linkedin and job boards is another way of reaching out to job seekers. This is what we call as modern techniques of recruitment.

The key of a successful brand story is how well you connect with your audience. For obvious reasons brand stories are employers branding too that need to be-

  • Original
  • Simple
  • Effectual
  • Personifying

How effective is Brand story in talent acquisition?

With the emerging time and technical progress terminologies and lingos have been constantly changing. On the same note the upgraded version of talent acquisition is better known as talent marketing. 

Talent Marketing again is one of the prime employer brandings in recruitment. It’s a one-way conversational recruitment tool to hunt good fit for your brand. Companies have incorporated a wide array of technologies and upgrading their existing employer marketing with Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), recruitment marketing workflow automation, advanced CRM email marketing, and, Whatsapp marketing tools.

Basically it all comes under the umbrella of recruitment marketing which includes campaigning, job posting, Employee Referral Programs, publishing brand stories, internship, mentoring, video marketing, and inbound marketing utilizing varied social media platforms.

Why recruitment marketing is so important these days?

Recruitment Marketing makes it easy for candidates to find jobs matching their criteria and vice versa over the employer career pages. This is the best way of funneling right candidates towards role-specific applications. The process is quick and cost-effective if done strategically and perhaps the best result-driven one as well. 

Lastly, we can deny the fact that talent acquisitions do need sales and marketing elements to engage and nurture real talents. An effective recruitment management process can drive the right set of applications towards the particular sales channels.  There are other ways too of recruiting talents, like interviews, mentoring, salary packages, company culture, and more. Companies are coming up with multiple candidate engagement initiatives to attract talents more than ever before to make the best out of it as employer brands. 

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