Employee Referral

Technology enablement of a great source of great candidates


Employee referrals are the best source of talent if recruiting teams  are able to harness the full potential. Hyreo comes with an end to end solution for managing employee referrals. From accepting referrals to reach outs, pre-screening, job matching and keeping employees updated on the progress of referrals, Hyreo can change the employee referral process.


HCM and ATS platforms in use


Candidate reach outs, interest check & screening


Real time insights and progress reports


Hosted, secure cloud solution

The complete recruiting package

Rollout an intelligent and self-service employee referral program powered by smart technology. Go beyond job and CV matching and install a candidate reach out, pre-screening, data collection and ensure employee and candidate is engaged all throughout.

Career page plug-in

Employee referral central added to the career page or internal web applications

Conversational AI components

Conversational AI components creating the best ‘first impression’ with referrals

API Integration

Integration ready or Hyreo support services for integration with other 3rd party or HRIS platforms

Data Insights, Reports & Insights

Intelligence, insights and advanced reports for employees, TA and candidates.

Hyreo stands for delivering a
‘customer-like’ experience for candidates throughout the
recruiting process. 


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