Enterprise Suite

Automate candidate engagement across all recruiting stages


Hyreo Enterprise Edition helps organisations build a candidate centric recruiting model without making changes to the existing recruiting software. Add Hyreo as an integrated solution to current software and open a 24/7 candidate engagement channel. Candidates can discover exciting opportunities, get queries resolved or set up meetings seamlessly. Also automate recurring non strategic recruiter activities and turn recruiters into true talent champions.


With popular HCM and ATS software


Impacts over 60% of recruiting activities


Built for enterprise level customisations


Configurable and setup modules as needed

Nurturing candidate relationships

True candidate relationships are built on communication, sharing information, supporting their needs and being responsive. And key to this is being available when they are looking for support.  

Intelligent conversational AI

24/7 candidate support agent for query management and staying connected

Human interventions

The human touch is critical, bring it on as required or when a candidate requests

CSAT and feedback

Collect candidate pulse at every step in the recruiting process

Know more about the brand

Access digital content about the hiring company and stay informed

The virtual recruiter assistant

Add a layer of intelligent automation in your recruiting team. Enable the recruiting with digital capability for the new world, improve overall productivity and reduce heart burns.

Automate recurring tasks

Providing status, information, recruiting steps or on-boarding to thousands of applicants

Scheduling meetings

Interviews or meet-ups scheduling automated with calendar integrations

Follow ups made simple

Candidate or internal team follow-ups automated for better recruiter peace of mind

Support the right candidate

With propensity analysis, interventions and alerts, right candidates get the needed help

Data approach in recruiting

Hyreo can help recruiting leaders drive a data driven approach in understanding corporate talent brand, candidate perceptions, feedback and team performance.

Feedback and sentiments

Analyse enterprise data on candidate feedback, sentiments, application drops and more

Support needs for process improvement

Analyse candidate queries and intervention requests to improve existing processes

Propensity ratings

Based on candidate behaviour, sentiments, feedback get predictive on joining propensity

Candidate relationship for lifetime

Build long term relationship, stay connected and create future collaboration opportunities

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