Candidate engagement chatbot

How does it feel to be connected to your candidates 24/7? Leverage the power of Hyreo chatbot technology to ensure you never miss a beat. Push and pull the right information, at the right time, to make recruitment a predictable experience for your candidates. Communicate more and communicate more often!

Data insights on talent pipeline

As recruiting leaders, actionable insights on the talent pipeline helps to track hiring plans and make changes as required. Hyreo helps you to understand candidates' pulse and sentiments, get their feedback and pain points objectively. Enterprise-wide insights based on candidate feedback can help you understand talent brand perception and fine tune hiring process.

NPS surveys, trends and leader boards

Candidate voice matters and matters the most. Take their feedback through our 360 degree feedback module, covering the recruiting process and various stakeholders at different stages in the hiring cycle. Analyse the NPS trends and make data driven decisions on managing and improving the recruitment process.

Integration with popular ATS solutions

We understand enterprise investments in recruitment management and HRMS softwares. How about adding the candidate experience engine to augment your existing infrastructure? Hyreo is a lightweight plug-in that can be added to the existing recruitment management software like Oracle Taleo or SAP with configurable candidate engagement module to suit different industries and geographies.

CV ranking, scoring & scheduling

Filtering thousands of applicants to find the suitable candidates makes recruiting an immensely painful and time-consuming process. Hyreo understands this pain and makes the life of a recruiter easier by using its advanced CV matching, scoring and ranking algorithms. And it goes a step further and automate scheduling & rescheduling of interviews. Let the software take up the grind while you spend more time building relationships with the target candidates.

Candidate screening with video capabilities

Hyreo provides the option of one-click video interviews both in an automated or interviewer led model. Mobile friendly platform with reminders and follow-ups for improved adoption and estimated cost savings or over 40%.

Unbundled solutions with zero integration

Experience the power of Hyreo candidate experience solutions without having to go through the pain of complex integrations. Be it Hyreo for recruiting events or post offer & on-boarding support, get started immediately with no integrations required. Connect with us to know more.

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