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Just like your first day in school, onboarding is just your first-day experience at your workplace. It is an umbrella term that represents a cluster of recruitment procedures- including new hire, training, policies, practices, values, and above all, the transitional process of a newly-joined employee. This used to be the ideal work-frame for how the recruitment cell operated back in 2019. But expanding on comfort zone was never a thing. 2020 pandemic had put every industry into the soup and enforced a reality check.

Where businesses were busy reconstructing their age-old models, recruitment cell too was marching towards the identical route to unfold a whole-new dimension in the process. People eventually came to know that they could work from home. They say that numbers don’t lie. Going by the numbers, it’s seen that there is a hike of 150% in remote onboarding during the post-pandemic era. Since now remote onboarding has become a new normal, HRs should optimize the process to absorb quality employees. 

Spoiler alert!!!

A minor mistake in the onboarding strategy can make your recruitment reconsider their decision of choosing your company as an employer.

Let’s find out the best practices for onboarding remote employees-

Start your groundwork early– Research suggests that companies can retain up to 91% of their first-year workers with a winning onboarding program. Therefore, don’t wait for tomorrow when the company asks for new recruitments into the fold. Reach out to people through actionable emails and messages, boosting their productivity and leadership quality.

Welcome people online– It is seen that new hires from a well-crafted onboarding program stay in the same company for up to three years. Conducting an online orientation program and providing company handbooks will establish your brand as an employer. You can also send them a video containing the company’s work culture and a brief about their day-to-day job responsibilities. Adopting virtual recruiting technologies will ease up onboarding people remotely. A personal touch in interaction can develop higher reliability than thousands of impersonal business deals.

Job-role specific collaborative learning– People have definite purposes behind joining/shifting a company. Similarly, the recruitment dept. has some purposes for hiring someone new. However, training newly joined people about their respective job roles and daily deliverables are necessary for their growth and sustenance in the company in the first place. Again this is an HR responsibility and a part of virtual onboarding. Technology has a major role play in the entire process here. Both recruitment teams and candidates need to be technically updated to accelerate the process towards sustainable organizational growth in the long run. 

Introduce company culture– Sending e-books and video snippets to the selected candidates will help them observe behind the scene stories of the company. From the handbooks, they can map the work culture as well. Sharing information and access to customized software/tools with the candidates during remote onboarding will make them comfortable adapting organization protocols and workflow. Assessing the company decorum will encourage them to improve their performance as well.

Virtual hiring is not a flash in the pan trend; it is here to stay for long. 

2021 had a different scenario. In 2022 things are moving towards the restoration of the old set-up. While businesses are resuming in-person operations, HRs bring mix and match in their recruitment process and eventually combine virtual and in-person onboarding. Where virtual recruiting has introduced diversity hiring, where employers pick the best of the talents working for them all across the globe, the traditional process is also more likely to be started in tandem for interviewing local candidates. 

A fine blend of traditional and virtual onboarding can streamline the recruitment process and the anatomy of the job-scape.

Let’s take a look at how remote onboarding can be impactful with a few tweaks and turns in the coming quarters of 2022-

For remote employee onboarding HRs should maintain a proper checklist of the followings-

Put stress on technical particularities– Conduct an individual or group orientation program over a video call. Let people get to know each other and build an amicable coexistence. But before all these are, choosing a clutter-free virtual platform is necessary for effortless communication regardless of whether the employee is a techie. 

Review performances based on orientation– Record the entire session to have a detailed, comparative analysis of employee responsiveness and overall performances. If required, send them an evaluation in the mail stressing improvement areas.

On-time e-documentation– Documentation is an integrated part of the recruitment process. Ask remote onboarding candidates to sign and submit required documentation digitally. Design a landing page to streamline the entire process within the expected timeline.

Ask for feedback– As you review employee performances, ask new employees to drop their feedback about the recruitment team. Two-way feedback stands for comprehensive development by fixing individual pitfalls. 

Create a 30/60/90 boarding plan– A 30-60-90 planning keep newly hired people aligned with the mission and core objectives of the company. This planning helps you analyze the position of the new employees and the amount of effort they need to put in to fulfil company goals. It is important to mention here a 30-60-90 plan is essentially designed from a managerial perspective to zoom in on company revenue and monitor employee performances contributing to meeting such goals. 

In a wrap, this is the overall picture of the 2022 remote onboarding recruitment process. Where behind every small step towards achieving something great has some rock-solid foundation behind remote onboarding is no less. Custom applications and companies can maintain a transparent and productive working culture with proper planning and integration. The key to having a productive team working for you is to satisfy them individually throughout, starting from onboarding to promotion. End of the day, whether in-person or remote onboarding, Recruitment is a people-centric process, where you have to focus on people and their requirements and get them addressed to set the ball rolling. Going some extra miles, in that case, would be a trivial gesture in size of that. 

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