4 Core Benefits of Applicant Tracking Systems

What is an ATS?

Repository of applications, automates & manages recruitment centrally & efficiently, from creating clear JDs to offering candidate

#1 Enhanced Brand image

Great first impression on candidates via a compelling brand story on landing pages; inculcates diversity, inclusion & bias-free practices from resume screening onwards; ensures compliance with local sourcing laws & regulations

4 Key Benefits of ATS

#2 Improves efficacy of recruitment team, reducing recruitment cost

Quick & attractive pre-designed job post templates with automated interview scheduling, notifications & alerts enables better communication & collaboration amongst recruitment team members

#3 Centralized tracking of prospective candidates

Centralized repository of passive and potential applicants, with a consolidated view of all pertinent candidate information enables comprehensive reporting on status, progress & issues, allowing recruiters to proactively resolve challenges

#4 Improved quality of hires

Sourcing higher quality profiles via internal and external career sites, on social media and other career/job sites reinforced by algorithm & AI based scanning and parsing to find best suited candidates