4 Key Strategies to Reduce Cost-per-Hire


#1 Optimize the hiring process

Simplify & rationalize the hiring process with simpler applications, clear JDs & candidate personas, skill assessments prior to interviews etc., enabling recruiters to attract & hire stellar candidates


#2 Build a robust talent pipe-line

Create engaged talent communities with potential candidates, previous applicants, employee referrals, internal talent, social networking, talent on sabbaticals etc. to activate for future positions


#3 Train Recruiters

Invest in training and development of recruitment professionals enabling them to be effective & efficient in hiring, helping reduce the Time-to-Hire & Cost-per-Hire


#4 Leverage Recruitment Platforms

Leverage technology platforms to automate recurring recruiter tasks & use AI to screen & engage with candidates effectively, driving up conversion rates while keeping down hiring costs


To understand the Cost-per-Hire metric and how to leverage it to understand and optimize the recruitment expenses, read