5 Employer Must-haves to Attract & Hire Gen Z

#1 Learning & growth opportunities

Gen Z is very focused on learning and growth and prefer employers who prioritize learning with a culture of continuous learning to help the employees grow personally and professionally

#2 Accelerated career trajectories

Gen Z is very career focused and require ample opportunities for advancement with coaching, mentoring as well as clarity & transparency on career paths

#3 Alignment of values

Gen Z is the most multicultural generation and seek alignment of company values to their own with 80% of them looking for alignment before working for a company

#4 Work-life balance

Work-life balance is a top priority for Gen Z and prefer companies that prioritize employee health and wellness over business outcomes with a healthy work-life balance

#5 Authenticity

Gen Zers value authenticity, holding their companies and managers to high standards of honesty & integrity and expect fair & transparent practices with respect to pay & opportunities

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