5 Ways to  Attract & Hire Gen Z

#1 Internal Talent Mobility

A robust internal talent mobility program, enabling them to explore varied roles gives them clarity and ownership in their career development, helping improve their engagement and motivation

#2 Learning & Development Programs

Creating high impact learning programs aligned to their aspirations, career paths enabling internal talent mobility helps attract and retain Gen Zers

#3 Flexible Work Arrangements

Gen Zers value a healthy work-life balance and 17% more likely to apply for remote jobs than the other generations, preferring companies that promote a well-balanced work culture

#4 Diversity

77% of Gen Zers say that a company’s diversity has a direct bearing on their decision to work for them and look for their own experiences and communities to be reflected in their workplace

#5 Candidate experience

Gen Z value authenticity and so, a delightful candidate experience, with all aspects of hiring, starting from job descriptions, conversations with recruiters & hiring managers being direct, open & honest is a must

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