5 Key Tenets of Candidate Experience Recruitment

#1 Create a Branding Strategy

Create a branding strategy that authentically convey your company’s values and culture and then curate compelling stories for all channels including social media, career sites, job boards, events etc.


#2 Rationalize the application process

Streamline the application process by identifying and removing potential blockers to keep candidates engaged and interested in applying for positions at your organization


#3 Clarity on role and expectations

Work closely with hiring managers to create candidate personas based on which clear and concise job descriptions can be created with finalized role expectations


#4 Create a clear and direct communication plan

Create a communication strategy with a standardized process flow, providing direct information and clear feedback, with automation to ensure consistent and personalized communication


#5 Have fair interview practices

Have a structured and consistent interview process, with training for interviewers to conduct fair interviews and embody appropriate demeanor, representing the company in the best light possible


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