6 High Impact Metrics to Evaluate Candidate Experience

#1 Improved Efficiency

A metric that measures the likelihood of candidates recommending the organization to others


#2 Candidate satisfaction surveys

Surveys that measure candidates' satisfaction with the recruitment process, including the application process, communication, and interview experience


#3 Time-to-hire

The time it takes from when a candidate applies to when they are hired, helping identify potential roadblocks in the recruitment process and areas for improvement.


#4 Offer acceptance rate

The percentage of candidates who accept a job offer, a clear indication of the employer brand, offer competitiveness and overall candidate satisfaction


#5 Candidate feedback

Feedback provided by candidates through surveys, interviews, or other channels, which can provide insights into their experience and areas for improvement


#6 Candidate retention rate

The percentage of candidates who accept a job offer and remain with the organization for a certain period of time, which can be an indicator of the effectiveness of the recruitment process


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