6 Top Challenges faced in  Talent Acquisition


#1 Finding the right talent

Every job opening attracts hundreds of thousands of applicants, making it extremely difficult for companies to find the right technical & cultural fit from them


#2 Managing talent acquisition costs

Tight labour market competition and organizational ask to optimize operational costs lead to a pressure to reduce the hiring costs, impacting the ability of a company to hire top talent


#3 Ineffective recruitment strategy

Most recruitment strategies are rather operational, focusing on trivial company policy or process aspects and not on strategic hiring of top talent spurring business growth & profitability


#5 Negligible Employer Branding

A negligible or non-existent employer branding on social media and other hiring platforms affects the hiring prospects of companies significantly, costing dearly for top talent


#6 Manual recruitment processes

Manual hiring processes of collecting, screening applications and interviewing, engaging with candidates etc. require a lot of time, effort and manpower, increasing the hiring costs

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