Top 7 Benefits of Employee Onboarding Software


#1 Increases Retention

A personalized & well-executed onboarding program gives a great first impression on new hires and helps them stay with the company


#2 Gives a Comprehensive view of Onboarding Activities

A centralized view of the onboarding activities, with emphasis on the main experience elements, helps provide a real-time status with key interventions required


#3 Boosts Employee Engagement

The right onboarding program features help implement impactful initiatives to increase new hire engagement and help them connect with existing teams and employees


#4 Streamlines Hiring Process

Centralized monitoring & execution of onboarding processes helps streamline the hiring process, with a comprehensive view of all onboarding activities with status & effectiveness


#5 Enhances Company Culture

Onboarding software helps a faster integration of new hires with the existing workforce and their alignment to the company business and culture, enriching the workforce culture


#6 Minimizes Paperwork & Documentation Error

With pre-designed templates & processes such as welcome letters, appointment letters, payroll setup, employee handbook etc., there is minimal effort or error in onboarding


#7 Minimizes Early Attrition

A personalized and smooth onboarding enhances the engagement and clarity of new hires on the corporate ethos and values, creating a strong bond between new hires and their team


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