7 Top Gains of an Interview Scorecard

#1 Better Hiring Decisions

Interview scorecards enable better hiring decisions with the ratings and rationale with clear examples, selecting the most suitable candidates for the role


#2 Eliminate Unrealistic Expectations

Interview scorecards help set realistic expectations with the clear listing of the job criteria for candidates to be evaluated against, helping take quick decisions and close positions


#3 Consistent Methodology

An interview scorecard helps all panelists conduct interviews in a structured manner, helping compare scores and select the candidate with the highest scores


#4 Better Internal Feedback and Response

An interview scorecard helps get the internal feedback in the required format without any ambiguity, enabling an objective and collaborative hiring process


#5 Effective Documentation

With the help of an interview scorecard, notes can be taken during the interview rounds, keeping clear records for taking a decision as well as for future reference


#6 Eliminates  Personal Bias

With an interview scorecard, team members can identify the skills, experience, and personality of the candidate using the same rating scale objectively, keeping the process bias-free


#7 Helps in Internal Talent Mobility

Interview scorecards can also be used for evaluating existing employees objectively for internal positions


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