7 Top Criteria to  find the Best Onboarding Software


#1 Aligns with Company Goals & Expectations

Have a clear understanding of key challenges solved by the software, and how it can add value to the existing employee onboarding process


#2 Simple and Intuitive Interface

A simple and intuitive interface to seamlessly integrate various processes is imperative to enhance the recruiter and employee experience


#3 Mobile Optimization

Look for Onboarding software that provides the flexibility and ease of use across multiple devices, improving the candidate experience and recruiter efficiency


#4 Digital Signing Capabilities

Having an onboarding program that offers digital signing options reduces paperwork and errors; enables easy signing of offer letters even from mobile devices


#5 Customization Options

Look for easy customization of features per business workflow requirements, orientation and training programs


#6 Employee Self-Service

An employee self-service option makes the recruiter’s and employees job easier by sending reminders and notifications to new hires to fill in and upload all the necessary information


#7 Cloud-based Technology

A cloud based onboarding software makes for easy storage and management of documents online, and collaborating with employees, teams & departments globally


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