7 Key Strategies  to Amplify  Employee Productivity

#1 Set clear goals, targets, KPIs & expectations

Different industries have varying costs depending on skills, roles, demands & industry standards


#2 Conduct regular performance reviews

Setting clear performance appraisal benchmarks with regular reviews & continuous feedback enables employees to perform well and aim for better outcomes


#3 High Impact Employee Engagement programs

Invest in high quality employee engagement initiatives to drive higher engagement and morale amongst the workforce, enabling them to become more productive


#4 Gather Employee Feedback

Companies must seek feedback from employees via surveys, bots or other creative means on what changes or improvements within the organization will help them become more productive


#5 Reward & Recognize high performers

Creating an open platform to appreciate & incentivize high performers helps them become more productive & also motivates other employees to aspire to do better


#6 Train, coach & offer skill development

Invest in training employees on skills like goal setting, time management, communication, delegation, etc. to help them become more productive


#7 Track productivity regularly

Leverage technology to track productivity regularly with effective techniques and tools, especially for leaders of larger teams in distributed locations


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