8 step Strategy to build an Ace  Internal Recruitment Team

Draft Hiring Objectives aligned to Business Strategy

First, say your name and which company you work for. You need to sound confident and energetic

#2 Define Team Structure and Roles

Define a lean hiring team structure with an apt composition of roles based on size, business priorities & scale of business operations

#3 Build an Ace team

Build a high performing team based on the hiring team structure defined, consisting of self-driven people, with the ability to improve and ensure a great candidate experience

#4 Define key stakeholder expectations

Define expectations and build relationships with the various departments & stakeholders

#5 Invest in skilling the team

Training must be taken in critical thinking, being action-oriented,  managing stakeholders & in business & technology landscape to hire highly qualified talent

#6 Invest in Recruitment Tools & Software

Recruitment Tools automate recurring & transactional tasks in hiring, allowing the recruiters to focus on improving the quality of candidate interactions

#7 Leverage KPIs to drive performance

A data-driven recruitment strategy with SMART goals & KPIs helps drive high performance in the hiring team and hire great talent at lower costs

#8 NPS from key stakeholders

Stakeholder feedback touchpoints enable continuous improvement and evolution of the hiring process

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