8 Step Strategy  to build an Ace Internal Recruitment Team

# 1 Draft Hiring Objectives aligned to Business Strategy

Define clear & measurable hiring objectives based on the business strategy, closely aligned to the vision & values of the company

#2 Define Team Structure and Roles

Define a lean hiring team structure with an apt composition of roles based on size, business priorities & scale of business operations

#3 Build an Ace team

Build a high performing team based on the hiring team structure defined, consisting of self-driven people, with the ability to improve and ensure a great candidate experience

#4 Define key stakeholder expectations

Define expectations and build relationships with the various departments & stakeholders

#5 Invest in skilling the team

Training must be taken in critical thinking, being action-oriented,  managing stakeholders & in business & technology landscape to hire highly qualified talent

#6 Invest in Recruitment Tools & Software

Recruitment Tools automate recurring & transactional tasks in hiring, allowing the recruiters to focus on improving the quality of candidate interactions

#7 Leverage KPIs to drive performance

A data-driven recruitment strategy with SMART goals & KPIs helps drive high performance in the hiring team and hire great talent at lower costs

#8 NPS from key stakeholders

Stakeholder feedback touchpoints enable continuous improvement and evolution of the hiring process

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