6 Steps Strategy to maintain an  Internal Talent Pool

#1 Who’s who in the Internal Talent Pool

Know Internal Talent Pool talent, with key competencies, academic & business qualifications, skills, leadership abilities, potential to succeed with skill gaps for potential roles

#2 Consider resigned employees

Conduct exit interviews to verify if they can be retained through internal mobility, mapping to a potential role at the earliest opportunity

#3 Keep skill tracker up to date

Follow an organized way to update, track and manage key work data for employees (skills, qualifications, certifications, evaluations etc.) to map to potential opportunities effectively

#4 Help Upskill Talent Pool

Devise progressive L&D programs with on-the-job training and special projects complementing the traditional training programs

#5 Engage Talent Pool for learning & innovation

Engage Internal Talent Pool by leveraging in innovation pods and labs, in conjunction with a larger business project, reducing their learning curve drastically

#6 Run Coaching & Mentoring Programs

Run coaching and mentoring programs by the leadership, helping influence & change employee behavior and improving their performance

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