5 Best ATS for  your Business

#1 iCIMS

iCIMS offers an AI-powered cloud-based three-product suite recruitment software that streamlines and accelerates the recruitment processes of medium to large organizations, with customizable templates, hiring metrics tracking, and automation features


#2 Greenhouse Recruiting

It is a leading ATS solution offering a structured, automated, and intuitive hiring software suite for all organizations, with features such as candidate tracking, CRM, predictive analytics and a customizable interface with advanced data configuration and integration capabilities


#3 Freshteam by Freshworks

Its a cloud-based ATS software that streamlines HR needs with customizable career site, collaborative screening, and mobile app access, suitable for small, medium, and large organizations, while providing features such as communication tools, talent pool, and leave management


#4 Workable

It is a popular AI-powered recruiting software suite, providing streamlined processes for sourcing, selecting, and hiring candidates with centralized resume and interview information, easy integration with social media, recruiting tools and reports for small and medium-sized businesses


#5 Paycor

It is a customizable cloud-based HR system for small to medium-sized businesses with core features that automate recruiting, onboarding, payroll, and learning and development, providing real-time analytics and employee referral rewards


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