8 Beneficial  Methods in  Pre-employment Screening

Investigating Criminal Record

Criminal record checks will often include a combination of records derived from multiple sources. They can be done at county, state, federal, or even international levels.

Previous Compensation Scan

Screening for worker's compensation claims that a job applicant has filed in the past is has to be done through relevant documents.

Sexual Offense Review

Employers may conduct searches through registries at both the state and Federal level to find out if job applicants are on sex offender lists, to avoid endangering staffs.

Employment History Check

Employers verify previous employment listed on resumes and job applications by this type of pre-employment screening to check employment accuracy of dates.

Referral/ Former Employee Records

Employers must interview or speak to references or former employers, in order to evaluate the ability of a candidate to perform the job role

Educational Background

Particularly for entry-level employees, employers should verify a job applicant's degree, academic records to verify the dates attended in the institutions and other reports.

Legal Records Check

A location-based search of civil records is commonly used by employers as a guide to a job candidate's character and reliability.

Depending on the job, employers can conduct one or more pre-employment screens from the Types of Screening that could be done.