8 Benefits of  Employer Branding

1. Lower Cost Per Hire

A strong employer brand fosters a great work environment making it more attractive to potential candidates, reducing hiring cost

2. Faster Time to Hire

By investing in employer branding, you’re able to attract more talent making hiring faster

3. Lower Employee Turnover

Create a bond with prospective employees before and during the recruitment process encouraging them to a high level of engagement with your brand

4. Savings on Salaries

Investing in employer branding gives a competitive advantage, enabling you to hire top talents without breaking the bank

5. Attract Passive Candidates

Passive candidates could be just as tempted by a company that offers better growth opportunities or a healthier work/life balance

6. Visibility Equals Trust

Candidates tend to trust a company’s employees 3 times more than the company to provide credible information on the work culture and environment

7.  Improves company performance

People who have a positive perception of your brand may be more likely to buy your products and services, and vice-versa

8. Gives a competitive edge

In crowded markets to gain an edge over your competitor and stand out is by creating a strong employer brand