Top 5 Benefits of Internal Talent Pools

# 1 Retain Top Talent

Internal mobility provides top performers higher roles and additional responsibilities, engaging and motivating them stay on with the company, helping drive growth & value

#2 Enables Succession Planning

Enables the creation of a strong pipe-line of trained and certified potential successors to take on strategic positions critical to business success or with a high turnover

#3 Fire-up your business growth

Much higher financial returns and quality of business offerings with high performers giving a productivity boost of over 800% for high complexity tasks

#4 Reduce hiring costs

Lower time-to-hire & cost-of-hire with skilled & trained talent available internally for open positions and no external hiring costs (recruitment agencies, advertisements etc.)

#5 Boost Employer Brand

Higher employee satisfaction, productivity & retention via meaningful engagement with higher outcome work & aspirational roles boosts Employer Brand

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