4 Major Benefits of using  AI in recruitment

AI has transformed recruitment by providing better tools which ensure that the right candidate is hired

#1 Automation

By automating routine tasks such as sourcing, screening, and scheduling, recruiters are left with more time which could be used to make better hiring decisions.

1. Creating job ads

Creating job ads which would attract the most number of applications from the best candidates

2. Sourcing

Identify best fit candidates with by matching with a predefined set of criteria and scoring system

3. Screening

Score and rank sourced candidates, based on the predefined criteria

4. Scheduling

Use of chatbots and calendar integrations to set up interviews at times which are convenient for both the candidate and the interviewer.

#2 Personalization

Openings which the candidates own personal criteria are recommended to them, increasing better candidate fit. For recruiters, the AI will nurture a personalized pipeline with candidates who have the desired skills and compatibility

#3 Data Insights

Artificial intelligence can help recruiters by providing them the right information and insights which they can use to hire the right candidate.

1. Discover new talent 2. Understand candidate intent 3. Obtain trends in talent pipeline

#4 Bias Control

By eliminating this unconscious bias, AI plays a crucial role in encouraging diversity and inclusion in the workplace. Candidate fit scoring ensures that candidates are screened based on their skills and experience alone.