10 Major Benefits of Using an ATS

ATS is used by companies to automate the recruitment process, improve efficiency and reduce costs.

Here are 10 benefits of using an Applicant Tracking System (ATS)

#1 Streamlining the recruiting process

Evaluate the quality & turnaround time of candidate sources with time-to-hire & create a strong recruitment funnel of top talent with the best business & cultural alignment.

#2 Post jobs on multiple job boards

An ATS can help recruiters multiple job portals from the ATS itself. This drastically reduces the cost

#3 Automate recurring tasks

A good ATS system can be used to automate routine recruiter tasks. By doing so, it leaves the recruiter free to focus on key strategic objectives. A good ATS can reduce time spent per recruiter by around 50%.

#4 Keeps your candidates in the loop

Whether the candidate is selected or not, it is important to properly communicate the results to A good ATS will notify the candidate as they move towards the different stages  of the interview process. Candidates appreciate transparency and clear communication, even in the case they are not selected.

#5 Manage Talent Database

A good ATS makes sure that you don't miss out on good candidates. By managing and nurturing these talent pools, the cost of the talent acquisition can be vastly reduced.

#6 Improves collaboration between recruitment teams

The ATS enables assigning a hiring manager to each candidate's profile so that there is clarity on who the single point of contact is. Everyone involved in the hiring process have the data that is required to make a decision in a quick, effective and decisive manner.

#7 Finding the right candidate

Rather than risk missing out on a great candidate, or worse have a competitor find that candidate, an ATS will help a recruiter go through all the applications and find the most suitable one.

#8 Centralized candidates management

With an ATS,  you can store all the candidate information in one place and have it securely stored in the cloud. This reduces the time spent in storing the information, and more importantly the time spent in sourcing the information for future uses.

#9 Reduce cost of hire

An ATS can help reduce the cost of hire significantly. It can reduce the cost of hiring by at least 40%.

#10 Generate key recruiter insights

You can access real-time reports from the applicant tracking system (ATS), such as the average time spent at each stage of interviews for various roles, the best source for hiring, the quantity of applicants processed each week or month, interview metrics, and trends in applicant rejection for each department.