5 Best Hot Desk Booking Software

#1  Skedda

Skedda enables hot desk booking with accountability and privacy for desks, conference rooms, company resources, and presentation rooms with no double-booking errors


#2 Eden

Eden is designed to provide an all-in-one flexible workspace management experience, enabling booking work desks, manage performance, room scheduling, and is more mobile-centric


#3 Robin

Robin can help employees book meeting rooms, switch desks, and find teammates with just a few clicks and works for all business sizes and helps you manage your hybrid workplace


#4 Envoy

Envoy is a simple solution for managing visitors and employees on multiple floors, with flexibility to book desks and conference rooms for visiting vendors and contractors


#5 Officely

If you are already using Slack, Officely can be used by employees to book desks and rooms in your office, organize office events and the integration also allows monitoring attendance


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