Top 10 OKR Software to Achieve  Business Goals

#1 Leapsome

It is a cloud-based software designed for organizations to track and manage goals, performance, and feedback with an easy-to-use interface, customizable templates, and an intuitive dashboard for tracking Key Results, making it an effective OKR software


#2 ClickUp

It is a project management and productivity platform that also offers OKR functionality, enabling users to set goals, track progress, and measure outcomes, with custom fields, task dependencies, and visualizations to help teams stay aligned and focused on their objectives


#3 WorkBoard

It is a goal setting and management software that helps organizations align their objectives, measure progress, and foster a culture of accountability; it offers a range of features, including customizable templates, progress tracking, and automated check-ins, to help teams set and achieve their OKRs


#4 Synergita

It is an OKR software that helps businesses to set and track goals for individual employees and teams, as well as providing real-time progress updates with 360-degree feedback and performance management features to help with employee development and engagement


#5 Weekdone

It is an OKR software with a user-friendly interface that allows team members to set, track, and update their OKRs, while also facilitating continuous performance management and feedback


#6 7Geese

It is a cloud-based platform with features such as customizable scorecards, one-on-one meetings, and feedback tools to help users align their teams, improve communication, and increase transparency


#7 Asana

It is a popular project management tool that also offers robust OKR tracking and alignment capabilities; allows teams to set and track goals, assign tasks and priorities, and monitor progress towards objectives, all in one platform


#8 Lattice

It is a cloud-based HR platform for individual, team, and company goals with a user-friendly interface, automated reminders, and real-time progress updates to improve employee engagement and alignment with organizational objectives


#9 Perdoo

This platform offers a user-friendly interface, real-time progress tracking, and features such as OKR templates and integrations with other business tools



The platform offers a user-friendly interface, customizable workflows, automated progress tracking, and real-time updates to align everyone towards the same goals


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