Top 10 Employee Orientation Practices

#1 Creation of an Orientation checklist

An orientation checklist helps in the induction of new hires in planned and systematic way, both for the onboarding in-charge as well as the new hires


#2 Frequency of Orientation program

An orientation session needs to be conducted in a timely manner, within 2 days of the employee joining the organization, helping timely induction with a great first impression of the company


#3 Creating a memorable first day

Personalize the first-day of onboarding, making the new hires feel special and valued, which would go a long way in creating trust and connection that is mutually beneficial


#4 An effective feedback mechanism

Create an effective feedback process that enables the collection of relevant feedback from new hires to help organizations improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the onboarding process


#5 Automate paperwork

Automate the paperwork such as internal documentation, verification forms, agreements, Offer letters and appointment letters, helping make the onboarding a smooth process


#6 Online interactive mandatory training

Have mandatory trainings in the form of scenario-based interactive training online, helping make the training engaging and easier to grasp


#7 Meet your buddy

A Buddy is a colleague assigned to the new hire right from day 1 of joining and assists the new hire to settle well in the organization, familiarizing them with the physical and virtual work environments


#8 Meet your team

It is a best practice to introduce the new hire to the entire team as well as the rest of the staff on day one of orientation, helping build a connection and collaboration with the entire team


#9 Meet your HR

It is important for the new hire to have an HR session with their HR business partner, who would run the new hire through the key policies and processes required to work and maintain decorum


#10 Long-term Career Development

A long-term Career Development plan designed by the manager, a detailed and step-by-step guide of the objectives and growth, can be a great way to engage and gain the trust of the new hire


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