Top 10 Remote Onboarding Practices

#1 Start Early

Initiate virtual new hire orientation process earlier, sending a virtual onboarding mail about company culture, ethics, and a little history on the firm and founders and a link to the social media pages


#2 Tell Them What’s Expected

Use the virtual onboarding mail to set clear expectations on whom to meet, tools to use and preferred modes of communication mode, enabling better team communication and collaboration


#3 Create In-Office Experiences

Create in-office experiences for remote new hires, to help them feel comfortable and connected, by shout-outs on video calls, group intro video calls, virtual lunches in informal and fun settings


#4 Provide a Dedicated Onboarding Space

Ensure a space where remote new hires can find all information related to the queries they have;  many HR Cloud Onboard platforms offer a virtual onboarding template to put up such data


#5 Focus on Fun Activities

Remote onboarding can be hard leading to new hires feeling isolated, so encourage teamwork and collaboration through fun activities and games, bringing them together to feel a part of the company


#6 Assign an Orientation Partner

Assign one experienced employee to help every new hire, helping them settle in with help and advice, making for a better candidate experience and smoother transition


#7 Create Training Resources for All Learning Types

As different people have different ways of learning, curate learning programs tailored to their needs with video, audio, textual learning programs and other hybrid formats


#8 Schedule Regular Meetings

Scheduling regular meetings allows remote hires to have one-on-one discussions and bring up issues and concerns, helping them get addressed quickly, improving employee engagement and retention


#9 Offer Them Space and Time

It is important for the new hire to be given enough space and time to understand the work culture, with feedback and coaching to help them learn and grow


#10 Celebrate Success

As remote working can isolate people easily, it is important to celebrate wins regularly as recognition makes an employee feel engaged, valued and motivated to perform better


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