Top 6 Ways to Interview Veteran Candidates

#1 Be well prepared for the interview

Researching the employee and their field, along with checks on their LinkedIn profile for references, participation in communities, and areas of interest, will help you save time in asking questions about their background


#2 Keep it conversational

Instead of being too formal, keeping the interview conversational with open-ended questions helps put the candidate at ease, prompting them to explain aspects of their achievements and contributions


#3 Get a view of the candidate’s personality

Psychometric tools help gauge the candidate’s perceptions, values, motivation and reactions to workplace scenarios and team dynamics with an understanding of their behavior in stressful, conflicting, or challenging events


#4 Check for a “good fit”

Share the organization’s vision, future goals and what talent it needs right now, and what it can offer the candidate, asking them how they think they can contribute to the growth of the company


#5 Hire for potential, not experience

Look for candidates with the ability to learn fast with minimal intervention and assistance, gaining the required experience quickly


#6 Follow through, regardless of the outcome

This must be followed without fail by all recruiters with all candidates, an elevated candidate experience being key to attracting them and their references for future openings


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