Top 10 Candidate Experience Best Practices

#1  Write Simple and Clear Job Offers

Be clear, direct, and specific about the job title with clear details on requirements, qualifications, responsibilities and duties, compensation and benefits


#2 Make the Application Process Easy

Keep the application process simple and convenient with fewer steps, facilitating candidates to quickly upload their resumes or easily provide additional details


#3 Use Apt Technology and Tools

Using technology platforms and tools helps automate and reduce manual tasks, making the process easier for recruiters and applicants such as uploading resumes and scheduling interviews


#4 Be honest about delays, if any

Companies that practice being direct with applicants on delays in the interview process and the reasons for it, help improve their brand image and goodwill significantly


#5 Personalize Communications

A personalized communication with candidates allows you to build a long-term relationship with applicants, making them feel better connected and valued


#6 Be Clear About Your Hiring Process

Outlining your hiring process and sharing basic details about it helps manage candidate expectations and anxiety, helping recruiters provide an exceptional candidate experience


#7 Ask for Feedback from Candidates

Requesting for feedback from candidates demonstrates that you are open to suggestions and willing to change which reflects a positive image of the company and adds to the candidate's experience


#8 Give attention to those not selected

Engaging with and informing unsuccessful candidates of their interview status is critical to candidate experience, with constructive feedback to ace future interviews enhancing it significantly


#9 Post offer candidate engagement

Recruiters and hiring managers must engage with offered candidates frequently, encouraging them to meet future team members for queries on company's business, ethics, and culture


#10 Curate a phenomenal Onboarding Experience

Curate a delightful onboarding experience with a hyper-personalized first day at work, taking note of their personal likes and preferences, helping them feel valued, supported and welcomed


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