4 Top Recruiting Chatbots

#1 Hyreo

Hyreo’s conversational AI chatbot system is scalable and ideal for all company sizes, with automated query resolution, ticketing, scheduling of interviews, alert messages and document collection from candidates with no human intervention


#2  HireVue

HireVue chatbot makes use of text messages to communicate with job seekers with the ability to schedule interviews, send reminders,  reschedule with candidates without any human intervention and is ideal for large companies with high hiring volume


#3 Humanly

Humanly’s AI-recruitment chatbot is ideal for a moderate-sized company, screening and scheduling candidates while providing a friendly human experience and conversation, integrating with the ATS easily


#4  Paradox.ai (Olivia)

Olivia can help HR recruiters with scheduling interviews, sending reminders, screening, and filtering candidates based on performance data and information, without any human intervention


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