9 Best Remote Employee Onboarding Software

#1 ProProfs

It comes with multiple online tools for the training and assessment of employees, helping create create a knowledge base as well as modules that can assist employees when onboarding remotely


#2 Slack

Slack comes with inbuilt instant messaging and video call options, essential for onboarding remote employees as it helps employees work together in real-time, especially those working remotely


#3 BambooHR

It allows the creation of an onboarding checklist, collect data and fill out forms necessary for remote employees, enabling further analysis of the HR data of your company


#4 Scoro

As a work management software, Scoro is said to be flexible and efficient for remote onboarding and creating collaborative spaces for employees


#5 WorkBright

This tool can help with automating paperwork, and creating employee files with accuracy, with the option of bulk data upload in case of high volume of data


#6 factoHR

FactoHR automates the process from creating the candidate form to allowing the employee to fill it themselves, and is said to be easy to use and easily integrated with existing apps of the company


#7 Adobe Captivate  Prime LMS

With this learning management software, you can automate not just the onboarding process of creating forms but collect and track them while integrating with the existing system


#8  HR Partner

It comes with its onboarding checklist making it easier for the HR team to collect information and update employee records, with options to set-up reminders and assign tasks to team members


#9 Collage

Apart from collecting employee data, Collage syncs data with the company’s benefits carrier at the time of onboarding and helps with team coordination


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