8 step Strategy to Amplify your Employer Brand

# 1 Survey of Employer Brand

Audit reviews on social media by former, current employees and others on the organizational culture, leadership and work, especially the hiring process, helping create an action plan to enhance it

#2 Define & articulate EVP

A compelling EVP based on the company vision, values & culture serves to be a powerful branding tool, promoting the unique & enriching work culture

#3 Social Media Branding

Build a strong Social Brand by promoting high quality videos & other content on employees contributing to social causes, their positive work experiences & customer testimonials

#4 Align policies to values

Review and redo policies to be in alignment with the core vision & values of the company, helping bring authenticity to the Brand story

#5 Effective employee feedback process

Provide a platform to capture the employee opinions (signed or anonymously) and act upon the feedback received objectively, showcase the company’s commitment to resolving them judiciously

#6 Curate a great candidate experience

Create attractive job posts on social media & career sites and curate a delightful candidate journey, making candidates feel respected, valued, treated equally and fairly

#7 Create strong Brand Ambassadors

Turn employees into brand ambassadors, posting favorable reviews on social media channels, company news & updates, job posts on personal networks, showing pride in the company brand

#8 Create a strong DE&I program

Hire for diversity, improving the work culture, innovation & productivity and use company & employee social media handles to promote the reputation of being a fair & inclusive employer