6 Simple Steps for Candidate Interview Feedback

#1 Panelists fill out standardized feedback forms

Provide standardized feedback forms with the same questions and rating scale to evaluate the candidate, setting expectations on detailed feedback with examples and without bias


#2 Use a rating scale for objective evaluation

Provide a clear rating scale on the scorecard for interviewers to evaluate the candidates against the requisite skills to enable objective rating for further data-backed decisions


#3 Short timeline for providing feedback

Request for feedback from all panelists within 1 to 2 days of the interview to ensure that all the pertinent data is shared to help make a quick decision on the candidate


#4 Centralized tracking of feedback

Employ a centralized tracking system for the feedback and scorecards from all the interviewers such as ATS, CRM or an internal collaboration tool


#5 Hiring manager to review collected feedback

Hiring managers must review the scorecards objectively for coherence, reaching out to panelists in case of lack of clarity or examples and for any bias detected during the evaluation


#6 Final decision on hiring candidate

Hiring manager must review all the feedback and scorecards received to make an objective decision on role and culture fitment, requesting for more data and discussions based on need


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