10 Key Candidate Challenges Faced Post-offer

#1 Delays in responses to queries

Delays in proper and prompt response to candidate queries can lead to frustration and uncertainty


#2 Inadequate company brand information

Lack of information on company vision, values, and culture can make it challenging for candidates to assess their fit within the organization


#3 Limited recruiter bandwidth & communication

Inconsistent and inadequate communication from recruiters with a limited bandwidth can leave candidates feeling neglected and undervalued as well as lead to delays in the overall hiring process


#4 Bonding with manager & team

Building relationships with hiring managers and team members is essential for candidates to feel comfortable and engaged in their new role but may be difficult without in-person interactions


#5 Lack of feedback touchpoints

No opportunity to provide feedback during the onboarding process can limit candidates' ability to share their thoughts and concerns


#6 Manual onboarding process

Manual collection of onboarding documents can be time-consuming and inefficient for both candidates and recruiters


#7 Negotiating terms of employment

Negotiating the terms of employment, such as salary, benefits, and start date, can be particularly difficult for candidates who are not experienced in negotiating


#8 Cultural alignment

Cultural adjustment can be difficult for candidates joining a new company, especially if they are relocating to a new place or country


#9 Background and reference checks

Background checks and reference verification can be time-consuming and may delay the onboarding process, which is challenging for candidates who have time-sensitive commitments or need to relocate


#10 Time management

The onboarding process can be time-consuming and candidates may need to balance it with other commitments, such as a current job or personal responsibilities


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