7 Strategies to Amplify Value of Hiring process with Time-to-Hire

#1 Up your Social Brand

Attract high quality talent with appealing and crisp job posts, job descriptions and clear articulation of EVP careers pages

#2 Simplify the application process

Rationalize the application process to have fewer steps and an easy & intuitive interface to help attract top talent

#3 Segment & review the hiring process

Breakdown and critical review of each of the segments of hiring process helps uncover time-consuming, costly and ineffective steps, helping take appropriate corrective action.

#4 Implement structured interview phases

Structure interviews better with optimal utilization of the various stakeholders and resources involved in them for faster hiring

#5 Use skills assessments

Pre-interview assessments, behavioral and technical, help find top quality candidates and save time & effort spent on reviewing unqualified candidates

#6 Invest in Recruitment Tech

Hiring tools & software help improve the efficacy of the recruitment process, helping save time and effort through automation and collaboration, especially in high-volume hiring

#7 Setup Employee Referral & Talent Marketplace

Leverage employee referrals and trained, proven internal talent to source highly skilled & culturally aligned talent quickly