8 Prominent  Stages in the Candidate Journey

#1 Awareness

When a potential candidate becomes aware of an organization and it’s open positions via job posts, social media or a friend, it is a chance to create a positive first impression, influencing them to apply


#2 Consideration

When potential candidates are considering applying, they expect clear and concise information about the open positions, if the job is per their expectations and if they fit the job requirements


#3 Interest

Potential candidates now want to know more about the company values, work culture, office environment, opinions of employees, and whether they identify with those values


#4 Application

A simple and streamlined application process, mobile friendly with fewer steps, ideally a one-click application, with constant communication will help retain the candidate in the journey


#5 Selection

Frequent and honest communication is key to ensuring the candidate’s continuing interest in your organization; articulate the EVP clearly and ensure they are informed of decisions without any delays


#6 Hiring

Make the new hire feel welcome and a part of the ‘family’ by introducing them to the team and providing them with all the information for a great first day and week


#7 Onboarding

A seamless and personalized onboarding will help new hires get a sense of belonging and feel like an integral part of the company, connecting with their managers and team members


#8 Optimization

Improve the candidate journey with feedback from new hires, their recent journey enabling them to provide candid feedback on what worked and what didn’t


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