6 Crucial Phases of Proactive Recruitment

Identify Ideal Candidate Qualities

Speak with the hiring manager as well as current employees in that role, to determine the skills, competencies and personality traits for the ideal candidate

Find Your Candidates

Create an open talent portal where interested prospects can submit their CV/resume and contact information for future reference through social media platforms and database

Engage with Them

Your first interaction with the prospect should be casual and personalised focussing more on them than you

Nurture the Relationships

Nurturing your prospect involves keeping your company and the role top-of-mind, by interacting with them on LinkedIn, scheduling and sending out emails with information on the company

Attract Them to The Position

Companies with strong employer brands hire one to two times faster through social media presence by sharing valuable information, reports, and employee reviews or engaging content

Convert Them into Candidates

Once the right role opens up, make sure your top prospects know about it and encourage them to apply