6 Simple Steps to Shortlist Candidates

#1  Create Shortlisting Criteria

Create the right assessment criteria based on qualities and traits of top-performing employees with factors like minimum education, work experience, skills, competencies, and personality traits


#2 Create a Shortlisting Scorecard

Create a scorecard for shortlisting candidates, rating each factor to sort the best candidates, making it a bias-free and quick process


#3 Set a Maximum Count

Set a maximum number of how many candidates should be shortlisted onward to the interview stage with the industry standard of only 12 out of 100 candidates being invited for the interview process


#4 Notify Successful Candidates

Once candidates are shortlisted, they should be notified about the next process, with an in-person or video interview being scheduled for them


#5 Send Non-Acceptance Emails

Applicants who weren’t shortlisted must also be informed with non-acceptance emails, explaining why they weren’t selected, enhancing brand image and candidate experience


#6  Blind Applicant Screening

The blind applicant screening method is also widely used by recruiters and HR professionals, where all the demographic information is removed, retaining only criteria relevant to the open positions


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