6 Effective Ways to Hire  Strong Employer Brand

1. Identify and strengthen the organization's employment brand

Regularly work to strengthen your brand, so word gets out to passive job seekers that your organization is a good place to work.

2. Assess current and projected staffing needs

Conduct a staffing assessment that can identify current and anticipated gaps in the organization's workforce, including knowledge and skills

3. Source passive job seekers

To identify or source passive job candidates, look where those candidates look and go where they go, both physically and virtually

4. Engage passive job seekers

To keep passive job seekers interested, it is necessary to establish an ongoing relationship with them

5. Make the application process easy and tailored

Make the application process easy to access and customized for specific job roles

6. Take Advantage of AI Tools and CRM

A CRM software system and AI helps to track all passive candidate contact information and communications

The reality is that we need passive candidates if we’re going to make successful hires, and the idea of finding staff this way is as old as the concept of employment.  Read on to know the