to invest in your Employer Brand

5 Reasons

# 1 Attract Top Notch Talent

A great Employer Brand attracts more qualified candidates with 9 out of 10 candidates preferring an actively managed Employer Brand & 84% of talent stating that the reputation of a company is critical to their decision to join them

#2 Lower Attrition

With the enriching career experiences & attractive employee value proposition of companies with a better brand, more people choose to stay, helping drive better business results

#3 Accelerated business growth

Organizations register accelerated growth of about 20% and progress on their business plans with reduced attrition & faster hiring of top talent

#4 Lower recruitment costs

Active investment and management of the Employer Brand helps double the rate of hiring and halve the cost of hiring

#5 Higher Customer Satisfaction & Retention

Candidates with poor hiring experiences stop endorsing the Brand altogether, cancel any subscriptions and not buy their products while also actively discouraging their friends and family from investing in them

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