6 Highly Effective  Skill Assessment Techniques

# 1 Domain Evaluations

Structured interview tests that assess the candidate's knowledge of the specific domain skills such as sales, marketing, operational processes, auditing, financial services, strategy, & production planning

#2 Cognitive Evaluations

Assess a candidate’s ability to think abstractly while employing numerical and verbal reasoning skills such as game-based assessments

#3 Psychometric Evaluations

Psychometric tests are psychological assessment tools used to evaluate a job applicant's aptitude, personal characteristics, abilities, and levels of intelligence objectively

#4 Technical Evaluations

From evaluating programming skills, technologies to software development frameworks, such tests facilitate assessing candidates’ technical expertise

#5 Communication Evaluations

Based on pronunciation, fluency, listening comprehension & grammar, such tests assess candidates' communication skills, helping understand their grasp of the language nuances & complexities

#6 Hybrid evaluations

The evaluation framework can be a hybrid one, customized to suit the companies’ needs of skills & competencies, using a combination of the various assessments