7 Key Features  of Applicant Tracking Systems

Data-driven Recruitment Strategy with SMART Goals & KPIs empowers Recruitment Team to hire Stellar Talent

What is an ATS?

Applicant repository, workflow automation & compliance tool to centrally collect & manage applications through the recruitment stages

7 Pivotal Features of ATS

#1 Job posting

Quick & attractive job posts with pre-designed templates on company website/landing page, career & job sites

#2 Social Media Integration

Enables instant social sharing, on social media, career sites & job boards, maximizing outreach & chances of finding the right talent fast

#3 Collection and sorting of       applications

Sorting & screening of profiles, based on keywords/phrases, shortlisting specific skills and expertise with the use of AI

#4 Consolidated storage of         profiles

Centralized repository of applications received, helping track & report on status & progress as well as being compliant with local hiring regulations

#5 Collaborating with         teammates

Facilitates collaboration with other recruiters to hire the best talent. Peer-review and different roles assigned to recruiters make the hiring process objective.

#6 Messaging and interview         schedulers

Facilitates better communication with candidates, automated interview scheduling, reminders & alerts. Chatbots help with prompt, effective interfacing & query resolution.

#7 Onboarding

Expedites hiring & onboarding through curated pre-onboarding content along with online completion of formal onboarding forms by candidate

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