5 Strategies to Measure Recruitment Effectiveness with Goals/KPIs

#1 Recruitment benchmarking

Periodic reviews help evaluate current performance per industry standards and enables refining of goals & adoption of industry best practices

#2 Trend analysis of KPIs

Enables building a strong social brand and evolving the recruitment strategy continuously based on success of key goals of hiring top talent, reducing operating costs & optimizing recruitment

#3 Robust Talent Pipeline

Evaluate key source & hiring KPIs to accelerate hiring with a strong talent pool of internal talent, passive & retired candidates for hard-to-hire & high turnover roles

#4 Sturdy Recruitment Funnel

Leverage KPIs to measure & improve efficacy of sourcing channels and thereby create a robust recruitment funnel of diverse and proven sources of top talent

#5 Application of AI & automation

Recruitment CRM with inbuilt AI & automation provides real-time stats, reports & insights on a comprehensive dashboard, enabling apt intervention by recruiters enhancing the candidate experience & company brand

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