5 Key Green  flags for your Hiring Process

#1 Clear and appealing JD

A job description being the first point of contact between the candidate and the company must be clear, attractive, unbiased and free of industry jargon


#2 Being transparent about compensation

A company that is transparent about compensation will gain trust from potential candidates, helping enhance brand image and be a top talent magnet


#3 Interview is a conversation, not an interrogation

Having an interview like a conversation makes the candidate feel more at ease, respected and valued by the company


#4 Recruiter follows up in timely manner

Candidates appreciate it when recruiters give them periodic updates, helping them understand what to expect and timelines in which to expect them


#5 L&D and career path are outlined very clearly

Having a clear L&D and Career Growth Plan show that the company is very focused and committed to building and growing the careers of their talent


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