6 Top Strategies to Master  High-Volume Recruiting

#1 Candidate Centric Approach

Curate a supreme candidate experience, designed around the prospective candidates. Create attractive and crisp job posts, simplify the application to have fewer steps & articulate Employee Value Proposition clearly.

#2 Strong Company Branding

Create attractive Brand stories on corporate websites & career sites, leveraging social media platforms such as LinkedIn & Twitter to promote your brand to be socially-conscious, diverse, inclusive and bias-free, with values closely aligned to potential candidates.

#3 Alignment to Hiring Manager

Distinct understanding of the business objectives and goals, enabling an effective translation of the hiring objective to candidate personas to final onboarding of stellar talent consistently.

#4 Automation & AI-based Tech          Enablement

Tech Talent Acquisition platforms such as ATS or CRM or a combination help automate recurring tasks and optimize the recruitment process, helping screen thousands of candidates effectively & engage better with candidates

#5 SMART Metrics to Track         Performance

Leverage a few key hiring metrics such as to track, optimize and improvise upon the High-Volume hiring strategy.

#6 Diversify Talent Sources

Create a robust recruitment funnel of proven sources of qualified talent to tap into quickly during a peak period. Create a strong candidate pool of past candidates, passive candidates, internal talent, referrals and retired hands.