Top 5 Hiring Metrics for the C-suite

#1 Offer Acceptance Rate

The percentage of candidates who have accepted the offer versus those who were offered, it is a strong indicator of the brand and the competitiveness of the offer


#2 Time to Fill

The average number of days it takes to fill a job opening from the time it's posted to the day an offer is accepted, it measures the efficiency of the recruiting process


#3 Diversity of Hire

Measures the representation of different demographic groups in the hiring process, including gender, race, and age and helps to ensure that the hiring process is fair and inclusive


#4 Cost of Hire

The total cost to hire a new employee, including advertising, sourcing, and recruiting fees, it provides insights into the financial impact of the hiring process


#5 Quality of Hire

Measures the success of new hires in terms of job performance, cultural fit, and retention rate and  helps to evaluate the effectiveness of the hiring process in finding and retaining top talent


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